How to Determine the Best Land to Build a Home On

How to Determine the Best Land to Build a Home On

January 11, 2019

If your family is planning to move to a new, custom-built home, the first step before ever contacting an architectural firm or home builders in Wheeling, IL is to find land. While this step may seem simple, it can actually cause home buyers quite a bit of grief.

Finding the perfect plot of land to build your new home on can be stressful, intimidating and difficult. However, by following a few simple tips, you can make your land search much faster and easier. Consider these things, as well as a few others that many home buyers forget.

Location is key

Consider where you want to find land. What is the maximum time you’re willing to spend commuting to work? Are there good schools nearby for your kids? How many restaurants, shopping locations and entertainment venues are nearby? Is it important to have a park close by? Is living near a busy street or highway a deal-breaker?

By answering these questions, you narrow down the areas of town in which you should look for land and improve your chances of finding your ideal plot.


Size is a major contributor to finding the best plot of land to build on. Before you purchase land, consider how large you want your home to be. Consider talking to home builders in Wheeling, IL to see how many square feet of space your ideal home will take up. Then, consider what kind of yard or outdoor space you want. Knowing these numbers will help you find a plot of land that is large enough to accommodate these needs.

While you consider this, also identify the “setbacks” of the property, or the limits on how close to the border of the land you can build. Setbacks may be a surprise to you and severely limit the feasibility of the property.

Building restrictions

Some neighborhood have regulations that restrict certain home designs, colors, sizes and more. You want to be sure you’re aware of these restrictions before you buy and be comfortable with them. Otherwise, you may be stuck building a home you can’t afford or one that you don’t love because the rules limit your options.

Utility availability

Figure out how the plot of land you’re considering will gain access to important utilities like water, sewer, gas, electricity, cable and internet. Availability of these utilities can really vary from town to town, or even from subdivision to subdivision (especially in more remote areas), and limited availability might rack up your costs and put your monthly bills out of your budget.

Discuss with a builder

If you think you’ve found the perfect plot of land to build on and are just about ready to make an offer, consult home builders in Wheeling, IL. Home builders are experts in dealing with plots of land and can give you the information you need to determine whether your desired land will sustain the home you want to build on it. They’ll also be able to help you navigate the documentation and paperwork involved in the home building process.

If you’re looking for great home builders in Wheeling, IL, call Arch Pro LLC. Our team is experienced in architectural design, new construction, room additions and remodeling projects, so we’re well-equipped to help you build your dream home.

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