Tips for Zoning Land for a New Home

Tips for Zoning Land for a New Home

January 25, 2019

You’ve found the perfect plot of land, put in an offer, reached out to a local architect and new home builders in Wheeling, IL and are ready to get started on your dream home. It all seems to be going according to plan… until you come face to face with zoning restrictions.

Zoning can be complicated business, especially for home buyers with no experience with building. However, following zoning rules is extremely important; if you break the rules and restrictions, you could be faced with costly fines and be forced to reconstruct parts of your home to accommodate them. Here are some tips on dealing with new home building zoning.

Understand size limitations

Certain home lots have restrictions on the size of the homes that are built there. Some may restrict homes under a certain size, while others will have a maximum square footage available.

Be sure that your dream home is allowed on your property, and that any minimum restrictions are part of your plan or are feasible without breaking the bank. You don’t want to build a home that’s too large and that you cannot ultimately afford.

Know the restrictions on residential and business usage

If you plan to purchase property, make sure you know what the land is zoned for. Some land is only zoned for residential use, while other plots may be available for residential, commercial or industrial use.

Additionally, if you plan to use your home for any business purposes, such as a home office or a home-based business with employees, be sure to understand any zoning restrictions that limit use for businesses. You may be surprised with fines if you conduct business on your property unlawfully.

Understand how to get zoning variances

If you plan to build a new home that may go against specific zoning laws, you may be able to have these waived for your property, but only if you go through the correct channels. You may be able to apply for a zoning variance, which will need to be approved by the local zoning board.

Know that zoning can change

It’s important to understand that zoning on your land can change over time, so it’s necessary to be a little cautious about your land and the surrounding land and consider how it might change in the future. If the future looks bleak for your surrounding neighborhood, you might want to find a new plot of land for your home.

Work with new home builders in Wheeling, IL

Understanding the logistics of zoning requirements on your property can get complicated, so it’s much easier to work with someone who works with zoning for a living. Home builders in your area should be able to help create a home plan that abides by the zoning requirements in your neighborhood and build it properly so you don’t get fined.

They will comb through the requirements and understand all the minute details of your land’s zoning restrictions, so you don’t have to! They will also help you obtain all the necessary permits and approvals from your city to begin the construction process.

If you’re looking for top-quality new home builders in Wheeling, IL, contact Arch Pro LLC! Our team specializes in architectural design, new construction, room additions and remodels, and we understand zoning to make sure your home meets all requirements. When you work with us, you’ll get personalized building service from start to finish.

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