How to Protect Your Home from Subzero Temperatures

How to Protect Your Home from Subzero Temperatures

February 26, 2019

The winter season can be a bitterly cold time for some parts of the country. Not only is it cold outside, but indoor living spaces can also feel the chill. Additionally, subzero temperatures can cause exterior and interior damage to homes that are not properly winterized. Let’s ask professional custom home builders in Wheeling, IL for tips to protect your home from bitterly cold temperatures.

Winterize your pipes

When temperatures dip below zero, water will freeze much more easily, expanding as it does. This means that any water left inside pipes is likely to freeze and expand, which can cause your pipes to crack and burst. Frozen pipes can also burst from the pressure that builds up behind chunks of ice. However a pipe burst may happen, the resulting damage is going to be costly.

Luckily, there’s something homeowners can do to avoid frozen pipes and ward off damage: winterize those pipes! Start by draining water from outdoor faucets, including sprinkler systems. Disconnect garden hoses and put them in storage, then cover outdoor faucets with foam insulators. Look inside your house for exposed water pipes—in the garage, basement, attic and under sinks—and insulate them. It’s also important that you know where your main water shutoff valve is located in case of an emergency.

Clean out gutters

In the fall and spring, you clean out the gutters to avoid clogs when it rains. Gutter and roof maintenance also need to be done during the winter to prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams are a problem in extremely cold climates. This is because heat escapes through the roof and melts the snow sitting on top. The melted snow flows down the edge of the roof and refreezes there, typically on the eaves, often creating icicles. Unfortunately, ice dams could be forming underneath icicles.

To prevent ice dams, make sure to unclog rain gutters and downspouts, and sweep leaves off the roof. Another good move is to seal places between your house and attic space where warm air may leak out, such as exhaust fans, chimneys, vent pipes, exterior attic hatches and light fixtures. To be sure your home is really winter ready, hire a professional to winterize your roof.

Seal doors and windows

One of the biggest and most annoying problems to have when you live in a cold climate is air leaks. Even the slightest gaps around doors and windows can make it hard to keep the inside of your house warm in winter. But there’s a simple fix, and it’s inexpensive: simply caulk around windows and place new weather stripping around drafty windows and doors. This minor improvement can help you save money on winter heating costs, while keeping everyone warm and cozy inside. If you live in a cold climate and get bad winter storms, consider installing storm windows and doors for added protection.

Many features can be built in during the home building process, so talk to your custom home builders in Wheeling, IL about your cold weather concerns. Call the experts at Arch Pro LLC today to arrange a consultation!

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