Top Plumbing Concerns with New Home Construction in Wheeling, IL

Top Plumbing Concerns with New Home Construction in Wheeling, IL

May 29, 2019

You’re planning new home construction in Wheeling, IL. You’ve thought about how many bedrooms you’ll need. You’ve dreamt up the perfect luxury master bath. You can already picture yourself out on your two-tier deck, entertaining your new neighbors. But unless you are experienced with home building, you probably haven’t considered the plumbing.

A few key plumbing concerns are important to keep in mind when you design your home. To make the most of new home construction in Wheeling, IL, be mindful of the following plumbing processes. Making good decisions in these areas can save you money, time and hassle down the road.

Plumbing Placement

Are you familiar with the term “wet wall”? This is the wall that contains water supply lines. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms each need a wet wall to provide the plumbing for their features. As you design your home’s layout, keep the wet walls in mind. If you can create a layout that allows two rooms to share a wet wall, you can cut down on construction and labor costs. For example, try putting bathrooms back to back rather than across the house from each other.

Smart Irrigation

Do your future home plans include lush landscaping? A well-manicured lawn is a commonly desired feature in new home construction in Wheeling, IL. With modern design techniques for new home construction in Wheeling, IL, plumbing can be utilized to help with this feature. Incorporate a plumbing design that diverts bath and laundry water to an irrigation system instead of flowing into the main sewer line of the home. This can reduce household water usage and lower your water costs.

Sustainable Solutions

New home construction in Wheeling, IL offers a variety of techniques to conserve water and energy. As you plan your home, consider using low-flow toilets, a tankless water heater and high-efficiency appliances. Pipe insulation can also protect your plumbing and make water use more efficient. These conservation features will provide savings on utility bills, repairs and replacements throughout the life of your home, proving well worth the initial investment.

Easy Access

Have you ever needed to access your home’s water shutoff valve? If you’re like many homeowners, this required a contortionist act in a crawl space or a scavenger hunt in your basement rafters. It doesn’t have to be this way. Work with your plumbing contractor to find a place to install your main shutoff valve that is not obscure or hard to reach. You want to be able to access this quickly in an emergency, so make it easy on yourself.

Consult with the Plumbing Pros

Would you like additional tips for the plumbing in your new home construction in Wheeling, IL? Arch Pro LLC offers extensive knowledge and experience to provide the direction you need, from plumbing design, to electrical work, to layouts and more. Our team has been serving the area since 2000 with superior architectural design and building expertise. We specialize in new construction, room additions and remodel projects. Contact us today to get started on your next home transformation.

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