Building Your Home for the Future

Building Your Home for the Future

July 29, 2019

Modern technology advances at breakneck speed. New innovations are hitting the market nearly every day. With this fast-paced change, how can you build a home that won’t be outdated in two years? Architects in Wheeling, IL are aware of this issue and are working to future-proof homes.

What does this involve? Part of it is keeping an eye on the horizon for new developments. Another key element is learning from the past. Your architects in Wheeling, IL recommend the following considerations as you build a home, to ensure it is equipped to meet your needs well into the future.


Wiring is probably the top concern when it comes to building a home for the future. While it might be tempting to assume that everything is going wireless and forgo this concern, that would be a mistake. Even with wireless technology, many devices, appliances and other electronics require the proper wiring for optimal operation.

Don’t short your home in this area. Be sure to equip it with high-quality wiring with significant capabilities. It’s much cheaper and more convenient to put the wiring in while the home is being built than it is to rewire it or add components later.


As you design your home with an architect in Wheeling, IL, keep in mind your typical modes of entertainment. Allow space and wiring for a large TV. Consider how much space you need for gaming system use or movie viewing, based on your interests (and, if applicable, the needs of future children). If these types of entertainment are a big part of your life, as they are for many, you may want to devote space to a media/movie room or rec area rather than a formal living or dining room that you’ll never use.


Homes are getting smarter. As you design your house, keep automated features in mind and either integrate them now or make preparations for them. Several smart features are becoming more common, such as controlling your HVAC from your mobile device, remotely monitoring and controlling your front door access and even turning your lights on or off from afar.

Some of the smart features that are just starting to trend may seem like futuristic notions at the moment, but they will become standard before you know it. To ensure your home is set for the future, include the cutting-edge features of today.


What are the fine details that you can include in your home to prepare for future innovations? Consult with an experienced architect in Wheeling, IL. These experts know what details you should consider as you plan your property.

Prep for the Future

Partner with the team at Arch Pro LLC to create a home that’s future-ready. Since 2000, we’ve been the go-to architects in Wheeling, IL. We specialize in architectural design to bring ideas of the future to life today. There is no job that we cannot handle. We work with only the best subcontractors to implement the entire build, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. Whether it is a design, a new home, an addition or a remodel, we are the company for you.

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