How Can You Tell if Your Home Was Built to Code?

How Can You Tell if Your Home Was Built to Code?

July 15, 2019

To avoid hazardous situations and potential fines, it’s important for homes to meet standard building codes. However, this isn’t always the case. Homes may have electrical, plumbing or other features that don’t adhere to today’s regulations. Home builders in Wheeling, IL see this all the time.

How can you know if your home (or one you want to purchase) is built to code? Take the following steps.

Determine the Home’s Age

When your home was built will greatly affect what codes it may or may not follow. Every three years, the International Code Council’s Commercial and Residential Building codes are updated. These commonly affect electrical requirements, energy efficiency issues and structural codes. Once you know how old your home is, you’ll know what current standards it might not adhere to. If your home is quite old and has not been renovated, it likely does not meet many of today’s standards.

Do Some Research

Your local building inspection office or building department should have the building codes that apply to your municipality. You can also check with local home builders in Wheeling, IL, since they have in-depth knowledge of current codes and recent changes.

Ask the Builder

Do you know who built your home? If not, try to find out. The builder may have records of the home’s construction, including permits and drawings. These records will be very helpful in providing detailed information about your home’s construction. Examining these can tell you if your home was built to previous or current codes.

Order an Inspection

If you’re purchasing a home, this task is a standard part of the homebuying process. The inspector should be a trained professional who can identify any code-related issues with the home. If you are curious about your current home, and it has been years since it was inspected, you may want to hire a professional to complete an updated inspection.

Check the Electrical

Electrical issues are a common concern, and are often a source of code violations. If the home is older, multiple DIY fixes and enhancements over the years may have left your electrical box in a hazardous state. To determine if your home is up to code, you can start by examining the electrical box to ensure circuits are labeled appropriately and breakers are the correct size for their use. Hiring a certified electrician to examine your electrical box is also helpful.

Look at the Windows

You look through these every day, but have you ever looked at them closely? Check for labels that indicate the window rating. Determine if the windows are energy efficient and impact resistant. To meet modern codes, they must meet certain safety and insulation standards.

We Know the Code

Do you have questions about your home’s status? The experienced professionals at Arch Pro LLC have answers. We are your premier home builders in Wheeling, IL, specializing in architectural design, new construction, room additions and remodel projects. Call us today—we take calls at all times of day and will return your call if your message is received outside of business hours.

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