Add Value to Your Home with a Sunroom Addition

Add Value to Your Home with a Sunroom Addition

October 17, 2019

A sunroom addition is a perfect compromise for homes. You get to enjoy the natural light without being exposed to the elements. This can be a wonderful addition in winter when you are tired of being indoors but also wish to avoid freezing to death in your effort to get a little sun. Sunroom additions in Wheeling, IL also add value to your home even as a mere screened-in room. Here are five ways they accomplish this:

  • Additional space: A sunroom takes porch space and turns it into new square footage. This increases your home’s value by making it larger, but also by creating opportunities for using that space. It goes beyond space and also adds natural light—another element that adds to home value. Whether your sunroom is merely a deck with screened-in walls or a solarium with cathedral ceilings, it adds space and a better environment to your home.
  • Place to relax: For many homeowners, the sunroom is a quiet, peaceful setting meant to support relaxation. You can make the sunroom a place for recreation, too, which sets aside a beautiful place to enjoy life without the burdens of work or school. Consider making it a family room where your household enjoys the benefits of the outdoors without the bad weather or insect invasions.
  • Home offices: Sunrooms can be for work as well as play. If you work remotely, a sunroom office offers a serene atmosphere where stress melts away and productivity thrives. Those working as yoga instructors or massage therapists also enjoy using sunrooms as work spaces because they promote relaxation and participants can truly escape their daily troubles. This can have an especially strong effect if you are a counselor or other mental health professional working from home. Relaxing atmospheres encourage patients to keep returning.
  • Breakfast nook: Your home likely has a formal dining room, but that is rarely convenient for small family meals or having a place to read your mobile device while you enjoy a snack. The breakfast nook takes care of that need by providing a less-formal place to eat. However, if you add the sunroom element to your breakfast nook, you add atmosphere to the area and make every informal meal a celebration in a nice place. Many homeowners with sunrooms near the kitchen use them exclusively as a breakfast nook.
  • Fitness area: No one actually likes using a treadmill when a walk outside is so much better, but winter often threatens those scenic jaunts. There is an option to make that treadmill more bearable: put it in your new sunroom fitness area. The sunroom is not just for equipment workouts. You can also make it your primary place for yoga or meditation. Exposure to natural light makes fitness easier, and you will want to keep returning to this oasis. It is like being outside, but without the cold and wintry precipitation.

Arch Pro LLC is prepared to build a sunroom addition in Wheeling, IL for your current home or one you’re in the process of designing. Contact us today to arrange an estimate.

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