Top Five Reasons to Hire an Architect to Design Your New Home

Top Five Reasons to Hire an Architect to Design Your New Home

October 31, 2019

Home architecture in Wheeling, IL is not an easy concept. Designing your dream home goes way beyond the aesthetics and also delves into function, energy efficiency, code requirements and other complex elements. Even if you have a strong vision for your home, you still require the professional assistance of a skilled architect. Here are the top five reasons why this is true:

  • The investment: Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your life. If you decide to choose a custom-built home, that potential increases. When you place that amount of money into a home, you want to make sure it is done correctly to match your vision. This is especially true if you want a specific design or one that is uncommon. Some of our clients request elements that do not fit into any particular design style, and those would be impossible without the skill and experience of an architect.
  • Site issues: Graded sites or zoning requirements often challenge the elements and embellishments people request in their dream homes. However, architects can either work around them or suggest alternatives that may work better. For example, you may not want a basement in an area known for flooding and high water tables, but an attic, outbuilding or specially reinforced basement could work better. It is up to the architect to identify these issues and see what works best for you.
  • Zoning issues: Building any home frequently involves a series of permits and following zoning codes. When you have a professional on your side to take care of these steps, it all happens smoother and easier. You do not have to worry about your home failing to meet zoning requirements when it is halfway done, or worse, already finished. When you hire an architect, you also hire the expertise required to ensure everything is completed correctly and in compliance with local laws. No one likes a surprise of the legal variety, so this is often very reassuring.
  • Energy efficiency: A new energy-efficient home offers high resale value and saves you money in the long term, but you can only enjoy these benefits if your home is designed for it. Architects offer this background and can balance energy efficiency with your aesthetic expectations. You will enjoy your vision while also experiencing lower utility bills and a great resale value if you decide to sell later.
  • Better home quality: Depending on what the site needs and your desires, architects create better quality homes. Septic systems can be placed where they are the least intrusive, and your home will benefit from the best materials. There is no cutting corners, because architects enjoy their work and wish to maintain a good reputation. Your home will not only be beautiful, but stronger, with any shops, garages or septic systems being well built and placed efficiently as well.

Arch Pro, LLC not only builds home architecture in Wheeling, IL, we also design it. Contact us today to start the process of turning your dream home into reality.

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