Explore the Benefits of a Laundry Room Addition

Explore the Benefits of a Laundry Room Addition

January 14, 2020

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of home remodeling? A new luxury kitchen? An updated bathroom? These types of renovations and remodels are extremely popular, and for good reason: they add a lot of value to the house. But they’re not the only types of renovations that add value. In fact, something as simple as a laundry room addition could substantially improve your Wheeling, IL home.

Why a laundry room addition? Well, for starters, it’s a practical, functional space that not every home comes with. Most homeowners are relegated to their basements when laundry day comes around, and still more don’t have a dedicated space to clean their clothes, tackle tough stains and fold towels. And, like all home additions and renovations, a laundry room adds tangible value to the property.

If you’re considering a new home update, a laundry room might be just what you need. Here are a few great reasons to consider one.

A new kind of functional space

A laundry room is a very practical addition to any home. It’s first and foremost a functional space. Whether you’re putting in another load of laundry, folding clothes or hanging things out to dry, there’s a lot of utility in the laundry room. The space has purpose. For many homeowners, it’s exactly what they need and it has a measurable impact on their everyday lives.

The beauty of the laundry room is that it’s more than it appears. Laundry rooms are also a great place for storage—especially for household cleaning products, extra linens and other miscellaneous supplies. The accommodations a laundry room affords free up other areas of the home to be more practical. For example, you might free up a whole hall closet by moving extra linens, giving you a dedicated space for winter apparel or shoes.

Everyday convenience

No one likes doing laundry in the basement. The only thing worse is going to a coin-operated laundromat and waiting hours for your laundry to be done. If you already have an in-home washer and dryer, it’s time to bring them out of the darkness!

Imagine the convenience of not having to lug hampers of clothing up and down stairs, or not having to fumble for a pull-chain light in the pitch-dark basement. All those things you hate about doing laundry in the basement melt away when the laundry room becomes an offshoot of your main living space! Picture the washer and dryer side by side, cabinets overhead, counters behind you—all well-lit, clean and fresh-feeling, the way laundry is supposed to be!

Increased home value

Adding any amount of square footage to your home will increase its value—even a 100 square foot laundry room addition! The fact is, it’s a lot easier to add a small laundry room than an entire bedroom, office or even a new bathroom. If the purpose of your new home addition is to add value alongside convenience, you can’t do better than a laundry room. The cost-convenience balance is unbeatable!

If you’re getting ready to update or add to your Wheeling, IL home, consider a laundry room addition. It might not be at the top of your list of home improvements, but it’s one you’ll definitely benefit from every single day. Reach out to Arch Pro LLC to learn more.

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