The Many Advantages of the Design-Build Approach to Construction

The Many Advantages of the Design-Build Approach to Construction

January 28, 2020

When building a new home, you traditionally need two things to get started: blueprints and a construction company. Many people get the blueprint, then find the builder… but this isn’t always the best option. Working with a design-build firm might be the better approach, since you’re dealing with a single firm for everything.

Lots of prospective home builders in Wheeling, IL aren’t sure of what they’ll get when they work with a design-build firm. They’re not sure what the benefits are when it comes to relying on one sole source for everything. It’s a fair concern, since it’s a deviation from what home building has traditionally been. But, like all things, there’s reason and logic behind modern innovation. Here’s a look at the benefits of working with a design-build firm:

  • Fosters collaboration: Working with a design-build firm ensures your voice is heard from beginning to end, design to finishing. Instead of collaborating in parts—first on design, then on construction—working with a single design-build firm fosters an open stream of collaboration that continues throughout the project.
  • Clear responsibility: There’s no blame game when you’re working with a single firm for home construction! Design-build firms have to be responsible and attentive—they know that if something goes wrong, it’s on them. There’s no blaming the other guy for setbacks when there’s only one guy!
  • Transparent communication: Because collaboration is such a strong part of working with a design-build firm, communication immediately becomes a priority. Expect to get updates at every phase of the project, as well as advance notice of any setbacks, obstacles or changes, so you’re not forced to weigh in on them at the last minute.
  • Better process control: Speaking of problems, expect fewer of them. Design-build companies handle everything in-house, which leaves less room for error by other companies. Deliveries happen on time, managers are accountable and the project progresses smoothly. There’s no guessing involved—just a clear start-to-finish plan.
  • Unrestricted capabilities: Not every home builder has the same capabilities. You’d hate to hire a builder only to realize they don’t do foundation pouring and have to outsource it to someone else. With a design-build firm, this isn’t a problem. Design-build firms are all-inclusive—that’s their advantage! They do it all, which means customers aren’t left relying on some other company to complete part of their build.
  • Faster project delivery: All these great features add up to one major benefit: faster project delivery. When things are done on time, to a high-quality standard, by the same company with the same standards across the board, it all culminates in a project that’s on time and within budget. For customers, that means moving into your dream home sooner!

If you’re thinking about building a home, buck the traditional trend and choose to work with a design-build firm. There are so many reasons weighing in favor of a design-build firm over the traditional process of hiring architects, builders, contractors and suppliers. Your dream home deserves to benefit from the focus only a design-build firm like Arch Pro LLC can provide.

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