Home Additions in Lincolnshire, IL

If your need for real estate is growing but the walls of your home feel like they’re closing in, it might be time to start thinking about an addition. Arch Pro LLC specializes in constructing Home additions in Lincolnshire, IL for your home, ensuring your addition meets your needs and blends perfectly with your existing home. We have experience with all of the following types of additions:


Whether you’re expecting a new member of the family or just want a place for mom and dad to be able to stay with you for the weekend, bedrooms are practical and value-additive home additions in Lincolnshire, IL. Let us build on a bedroom that’s cozy, comfortable and perfectly integrated with your floorplan.

Laundry Areas

Tired of going down into the basement to do laundry? We can build out a laundry area on the ground floor of your home, big enough for a washer and dryer, and complete with hookups. We’ll help you make laundry day easy.


Sunrooms are extremely appealing home additions and multipurposed spaces. Whether you just want to lounge with a good book or want a naturally-lit dining room, your new sunroom is sure to be a favorite space among the family members.


Sometimes, the space you have just isn’t quite big enough. If you need to kick out your kitchen a little or expand your living room to be more accommodating, talk to us about extensions. We’ll add-on the space you need to make the most of your home.

Other Additions

Have other plans for an addition? Talk to our expert builders about the space you want added to your home and we’ll help figure out the logistics of making it a reality. No matter the scope of the addition, we’re equipped to build it out perfectly.


Make The Most of Even More Living Space

Don’t feel confined by the available space in your home. Instead, add more! From bedrooms to sunrooms, extensions to other additions, Arch Pro LLC will build out the right addition, so you can make the most of even more living space. Contact us today at 847-520-9900 to discuss your Home addition.

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